Help and FAQ

Orange Dandana

Dandana service offers Orange users a unique ability to be the DJ for their friends and entertain their callers with their personalized tones. With Dandana service, users will no longer have to play the normal boring “toot-toot-toot” tone.

Dandana is compatible with all handset types. The service is user friendly and comes with enhanced features that can be accessed through several channels as below:

  • Voice calling
  • o Call 090090900, to listen and download trending tones on the platform.

  • SMS
  • o Send an SMS to 97788.
    o To download a tone, send tone code to 97788.

  • USSD
  • o Follow the *949# menu, choose a tone, and then download it or send it as a gift to one of your friends.

  • Web page
  • o To go back to Dandana website click here.

  • Copying the tone
  • o Press the STAR key on your phone keypad if you call someone and like their tone before they pick the call.

    How does Dandana service work

    You can set any tone and manage your library to suit your music taste, simply by following any of the below steps:

    • Dial *949# and select your preferred option from the menu.
    • Dial 090090900 to listen to sample tones, browse through and set a tone from the top 10 list.
    • Visit Dandana Store via Orange website:

    How much does the tone cost?

    Dandana service charges are as follows:

    • Service subscription cost is free.
    • Content download or Content renewal to any tone of your choice costs JD 0.20 per week.
    • If the user wishes to download 3 tones as a package for a special occasion, he will pay 0.50JD per Week for a Music Box.
    • Calls to 090090900, Dandana vocal channel to listen to tones, are free of charge.

    How to manage your tones?

    • Dial *949# to see new and trending tones.
    • Send START to 97788 to register to Dandana service.
    • Send HELP to 97788 to get help information about Dandana.
    • Send CANCEL to 97788 to unsubscribe from Dandana service.